You could use JunkTheory every day for 25 YEARS, and still have a smaller plastic footprint than if you used JUST ONE skincare product packaged in plastic.

West Coast Clean
Skincare in Metal

Dermatologist-tested, vegan formulas that transform your skin and reduce your plastic footprint to nearly zero.

“You'll notice instant hydration, but just wait to see what your skin looks like after a week. These have quickly become my go-to skincare basics."

Ksenia K.

"Not enough is being said about how great these formulas are - I came for the clean ingredients and anti-plastic packaging, but I'm hooked on the results. 10/10"

Jas P.

"I have products in my medicine cabinet that cost 3xs as much and aren't as good as the powerhouses in the starter kit."

Abbie C.

Less than 5% of plastic is recycled

Pieces of plastic packaging generated by the beauty industry so far this year.*

*In 2018 alone more than 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging were produced globally. Zero Waste Week