Our promise

No junk ingredients.
No junk packaging.

We believe that if we stop making junk, and prevent the things we use from becoming junk, we can inspire a movement that cleans our lives and our planet, forever.

Our mission

End the plastic era in beauty.

With every skincare product, we strive to enable deeper connections to nature, and inspire a movement to eliminate toxic packaging.

our founders

We’re Allie (she/her) and Justin (he/him), friends and co-founders of JunkTheory.

Both of us have a history of working on projects and for companies that are mission driven. Justin was an attorney for global clean energy projects and Allie has worked for several social enterprises and some of the largest nonprofits in the US.

We’re both super fans of being outdoors, and we believe that business can be used as a tool for good instead of a reckless pursuit of profits without prioritizing people and planet.

After consulting for brands in the beauty industry and taking an unnerving trip to Jakarta where we saw floating islands of plastic first hand - we were determined to build a skincare company with higher and uncompromising standards that the world we live in now urgently requires.

No more baby steps toward better. We’re striving to create products that are a true investment in a better way for the future, so we can leave our planet better than we found it.

A junk-free world
A junk-free world
we believe

In the ones who wake up each day with the intention to live life better.

The ones who cultivate, eliminate, seek out and geek out. Who live fully, but tread lightly.

Who run back in the house to get their grocery tote, who refuse straws and read labels, who turn junk into treasure, who recycle and upcycle.

We believe in the ones who see the potential in themselves to grow, and recognize that sh*t doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. It takes hundreds, thousands of us doing the same little things, so that one day, the way we live is in harmony with the planet we live on, and we get to look back and say -

We were part of saving this.

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JunkTheory's three launch formulas are meant to be your base routine morning and night.