our manifesto

We believe in the ones who wake up each day with the intention to live life better.

The ones who cultivate, eliminate, seek out and geek out. Who live fully, but tread lightly.

Who run back in the house to get their grocery tote, who refuse straws and read labels, who turn junk into treasure, who recycle and upcycle.

We believe in the ones who see the potential in themselves to grow, and recognize that shit doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. It takes hundreds, thousands of us doing the same little things, so that one day, the way we live is in harmony with the planet we live on, and we get to look back and say -

We were part of saving this.

JunkTheory Affiliates & Ambassadors


We know that nothing great is accomplished alone and we'd be over the moon to team up with you to raise awareness about the possibilities of a junk-free lifestyle in beauty and beyond.


Are you the friend who always is sharing the best skincare reccos or sustainable living tips? Do you enjoy getting your community on board for the good of the planet? If so, we'd love to connect.


Affiliates are provided a mini marketing kit and receive your own affiliate coupon code to track your sales and commission. Affiliates who go above and beyond unlock opportunities for free product and have access to new product launches and promos first!

Ambassadors are provided a mini marketing kit to help raise awareness. Opportunities for collaboration are also available, including features on the JKTY Blog, Social Collabs, Event attendance and more. If you are an expert or have a passion for clean beauty or the environment, we'd love to hear from you.