Before World War II, metal jars, cans, and containers were quite possibly the most common way to package household goods. Everything from cooking oils to cleaning supplies and candies were packaged in metal.

Skincare and beauty pioneers like Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden turned to metal packaging - even Hollywood’s favorite beauty brand, Max Factor, trusted aluminum to house their premium products. 

So what happened? Plastic.

In the mid-20th century, due to its affordability, versatility and ability to be mass-produced, plastic revolutionized the packaging industry. 

Despite plastic’s dominance today, we’re on a mission to help metal make a comeback.

Why? Because it’s infinitely recyclable, lightweight, and while it’ll dent, it won’t break. This is precisely why, when you’re done with your JunkTheory jars, you can continue to reuse them for years to come. 

Then finally when you’re done with them, you can recycle them knowing they have the highest recycling rate out of ANY packaging material - more than plastic and glass.

Interested in helping metal make a comeback? Here are 54 old school ways to reuse your JunkTheory metal jars:

Organization Around the House:

  1. Create a mini sewing kit with needles, thread, and buttons.
  2. Organize jewelry like earrings or rings.
  3. Create mini first aid kits for your cars, purses, backpacks, etc. 
  4. Store loose change or laundry quarters.
  5. Store matches to keep them dry.
  6. Organize small office supplies like paper clips and push pins.
  7. Store spare batteries.
  8. Store spare keys.
  9. Store all the spare buttons from your clothing.
  10. Create a mini pin cushion.
  11. Organize small electronic accessories like earbuds.
  12. Store the rubber bands you collect from fresh produce.
  13. Store the metal twist ties you collect from fresh produce.
  14. Add a magnet and use it as magnetic storage on your fridge or in your garage.

In the Kitchen:

  1. Store dried herbs.
  2. Store loose tea leaves.
  3. Store dried goods, like nuts or seeds.
  4. Make gifts of homemade spice, rub or tea mixes.

Crafts and Projects:

  1. Make DIY candles.
  2. Make floating votive candle holders - aluminum will float!
  3. Make homemade lip balm or salve.
  4. Make homemade body scrub.
  5. Make homemade solid perfume.
  6. Make homemade solid lotion bars.
  7. Organize beads or crafting supplies.
  8. Store mixed paints.
  9. Make homemade air fresheners.
  10. Store small quantities of dried flowers or petals.
  11. Create a DIY mini travel game container.
  12. Save for arts and crafts! (Jars make great mini pools, or car wheels!)
  13. Create a mini fairy garden.

In the Bathroom:

  1. Store hairpins, hair ties, or bobby pins.
  2. Store reusable makeup pads.
  3. Store nail files or nail clippers.

Handy Travel Kits + Organization:

  1. Create a travel sewing kit.
  2. Create a mini survival kit with basic supplies.
  3. Store vitamins or supplements for on-the-go.
  4. Create a mini emergency medication container.
  5. Create a portable mini spice kit for camping.
  6. Create a mini salt and pepper shaker for picnics.
  7. Create a mini travel-sized condiment container.
  8. Create a mini travel-sized tea bag container - keep your tea bags fresh!
  9. Create a portable mini pet treat container.
  10. Create a portable mini paint palette for artists.
  11. Store travel-size shampoo and conditioner. - jars are a TSA compliant size!
  12. Leak proof travel container for bars of soap.
  13. Store tooth tabs and floss when you travel.

In the Garage:

  1. Store screws, nails, or other small hardware.
  2. Store silica gel packets - they keep moisture away from your hardware and tools to prevent rusting!

In the Garden:

  1. Create mini seed storage containers.
  2. Store small plant markers.
  3. Create a mini container for propagating cuttings.
  4. Store gardening twine or string.
  5. Store plant labels or tags.