Have you ever found yourself taken back to a time in your past just from a simple whiff? The smell of warm cookies baking makes you think of grandma? Or that smell inside of a school bus that takes you back to those crusty childhood days? Or even something as simple as a coconut, and bam, you’re instantly on a beach?

We all know that this happens, but how? 

Smelling is handled by our Olfactory System which is located in the front of our brains. When we smell something, those odors take a direct route to our limbic system where emotions and memory are regulated. What's interesting, is that all of our other senses get sent to the thalamus which is like the switchboard for most incoming information (sight, sound, taste, touch), before it's routed elsewhere. Years of science suggest that it's this fast track around our thalamus, immediately to our amygdala and hippocampus, that gives our sense of smell it's impressive recall.

This intense connection between our sense of smell and our brains is powerful stuff and precisely why we wanted to use the science of smell to transport our customers directly into nature every time they use our products.

How can we do this? It’s more than just smell, doesn’t there have to be a memory?

Bingo. We’re all preprogrammed to have certain emotions with different smells, but what if we could associate new smell combinations with new memories. 

Remember Pavlov’s Dog? Associative learning is the age-old science that explains how certain stimuli can be programmed to evoke an intended response.

Our cheeky attempt at doing this required us to first create unique scent profiles for each of our formulas, that were crafted to evoke emotions and scents inspired by locations. We then created short videos associated with those scent profiles that are meant to transport you visually to *where* you’re smelling. 

Associate: Video + Scent 
Response: Equals transporting you into nature every time you smell our products.

So give it a try, have a whiff of our three signature scents inspired by some of our favorite outdoor places.