Have a look inside your bathroom cabinet. How many of your beauty products come with pumps on them? We’re guessing quite a few. But have you ever asked yourself if they’re really necessary? And have you ever wondered why every time you make a new purchase of a pump-based product, it’s delivered with a new pump, even though most pumps can be used multiple times? 

We thought about those exact same things when we were creating JUNI - our daily face cleanser. We asked ourselves whether we could design the formula to flow neatly out of the bottle to eliminate the need for a pump. Why would we do this? Well, let’s explore what makes pumps a bad choice for those who want to live junk-free.  

Traditional pumps used in skincare products are rarely, if ever, recycled. Pumps often consist of multiple components, such as plastic, metal springs, and tubes, making them challenging to dismantle and recycle properly. As a result, they almost always end up in landfills and inevitably, the environment. 

We understand that sustainability is a shared responsibility between the brand and its customers. By shifting away from pumps, we encourage our customers to adopt eco-friendly habits that don’t require heavy lifting. When it only takes an extra 3 seconds to dose by hand it seems like a no-brainer to avoid more plastic waste. We know we may lose some customers as a result. But we feel even more strongly that for those customers that truly align with our goal of getting to zero plastic, this would be a choice that would earn their respect and loyalty.

And so, by dumping the pump, we’re not only reducing packaging waste but also encouraging more consumers to make a conscious effort towards sustainability.

For customers who aren’t quite ready to dump the pump, our bottle threading and size are compatible with many pumps commonly used in the beauty space. With a good wash and cleanse, you can find a second life for the pumps you’ve already purchased, instead of sending them straight to landfill after one use. 

If you do have pumps at home that you’re done using - consider disposing them through
Pact Collective, an organization dedicated to responsibly disposing of hard-to-recycle beauty products. 

Thanks for helping us dump the pump.